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Thaddeus Barnum has given a great gift to the Church by recounting a Reformation-like movement in the historic Episcopal-Anglican Church.

In the days when the Episcopal Church USA broke away from the ancient Christian faith by denying the Bible as the Word of God, a movement began. Many pastors and churches who refused to compromise their testimony in Jesus were kicked out of their buildings and forced to find new worship space. In the wider Anglican Communion, bishops and archbishops from Africa and Asia came to the U.S. to stand with those who refused to stand in the cultural heresies of the Episcopal Church. Little did anyone know in those days that these heresies would spread to most mainline denominations in the US and metastasize globally.

That movement in the US is now called, The Anglican Church of North America.

Never Silent  -- it’s how it all began.


Carefully documented and yet powerfully told, with complete index. Craig Bubeck (Editor); Rick Warren (Forward); endorsements by J. I. Packer, and Chuck Colson.

Never Silent

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