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It all began with Erilynne...
In 1977, a few women got together and asked, “Would you disciple us?”
She agreed.
She knew five things about being a disciple of Jesus.
  1. It’s not a knowledge game. It’s not about taking copious notes on Bible lectures.
  2. It’s about a dynamic and growing relationship with Jesus who, by the Holy Spirit, in the glory of the Father, opens Scripture to us and applies it to our life.
  3. It’s always done together in the context of the Body of Christ, our church family.
  4. It’s filled with surprising joy as the Holy Spirit does His work of changing us – renewing us – transforming us into the image of Jesus, the Father’s beloved Son.
  5. It’s also filled with power as the Holy Spirit anoints us for service and ministry.
And so Erilynne began.
In 1981, Thad and Erilynne married.
This call to be His disciple is their heart for you.
The books on this website are designed to be used with fellow disciples who want to grow with you in their relationship with Jesus and live each day to the praise of His glory.
If we can serve you in anyway, please write us at
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