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Thad Barnum


Thad serves as Assisting Bishop to the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas. His primary work these past eight years has been to disciple and care for pastors in the Anglican Church of North America and beyond. During their nearly 39 years of marriage, Thad and Erilynne planted two churches and devoted themselves fully to the gospel work of "presenting everyone mature in Christ." (Col 1:28) It is this work of discipleship that brings people to saving faith, grows them in godly character, and empowers them in the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of Jesus. As Erilynne once said, "the strongest witness to a dying world is a transformed life." It is this work that Thad carries on through this ministry of call2disciple.


Thad provides a safe place for the care of our souls in Jesus.


Appointments can be made here or by emailing him at  Video conferencing is preferred.

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Bp. Thad Barnum


“As one who has been practicing biblical counseling for the last twenty years, I can say with confidence that the nurture and care of our clergy has been one of the greatest needs of the evangelical church.”


Winston T. Smith

Rector, St. Ann's Church

Abington, PA

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