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Real Love: Where Bible and Life Meet

by Thaddeus Barnum



Relationships are everything in the kingdom of heaven.


Thad Barnum leads his readers through over fifty engaging devotional reflections into the soul's most personal crossroads - those profound occasions where the Bible intersects a life. In each reading, Barnum artfully connects the truth of biblical teaching to his own (and ours), revealing and modeling the way of an authentic disciple.In Real Love, Barnum guides us through key passages of 1 John, asking us to think deeply on meaning in our lives being all about love: "Relationships are everything in the kingdom of heaven. Not just because God said so, but because it's who God is."


Begin the journey into authentic holiness by discovering the significance of God being love, and what that must mean for his people. In the process, find your own all-important intersection, where what you know meets how you live. For those who are tired of a superficial love for God and neighbors, this transparently crafted book shines the light of Scripture upon a well-worn path, for all disciples who would know and live real love.


This is the second devotional book in a 3-part series. 


Thad's Radio Interview

Real Identity and Real Love

Click on video to hear Thad interviewed for Real Love

(second video in series)

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