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Real Courage: Where Bible and Life Meet

by Thaddeus Barnum



Go deeper with author Thaddeus Barnum to find how disciples of Jesus Christ find the source of their courage in Him. This study of Jacob s life his wrestling with God mixed with poignant stories from Barnum's own wrestling with fear and anxiety, can bring the healing your soul needs. Experience how God transforms our most paralyzing fears with courage from above. Real courage.


This is the fourth devotional book in a 4-part series.  All are available here - REAL SERIES



Real Courage Endorsements


Reading Real Courage, I find myself looking for earthly or human answers to the fears described in many of the stories. But with each devotion, Thaddeus Barnum continues to push me to look for God’s answer to my fears by using these real life stories to apply biblical truth.

—JW Clarke, director of programming for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


Thaddeus Barnum artfully connects the real-life fears with which the great patriarch Jacob wrestled, transparently connecting biblical truths to life through his own compelling story. For those tired of superficial calls to finding inner strength, this beautifully crafted book shines the light of Scripture into the darkest, most dreadful corners of life. Courage is the great need of this day and the only source is God Himself.

—Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent Emerita and ambassador for The Wesleyan Church


Real Courage is an excellent read. Ageless, it dares to address our struggle with fear and faith. The story of the patriarch Jacob comes to life as his foibles serve as building blocks for our faith. Filled with Scripture and vulnerable personal experience, this book will enrich any disciple in our world ravaged by the monster “fear.”

—Mutua Mahiaini, international president of The Navigators


When I face my own fears I know it’s here I’ll meet Jesus. Real Courage gives solid hope that peace is possible—that Jesus will meet, restore, strengthen, and encourage, no matter how dark the days seem. This book is discipleship—reorienting us and bringing the gospel practically and powerfully to bear.

—The Rt. Rev. Ken Ross, Anglican Bishop


Using the story of Jacob and Esau as his guide, Thaddeus Barnum helps us to see that courage is not simply an emotion that we can gather up on our own but the result of deep wrestling—with our circumstances, with ourselves, and most importantly, God himself. As always, Thaddeus’ teaching is humble, gracious, and inspiring. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with anxiety or fear.

—Rev. Winston T. Smith, faculty at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation


Thaddeus Barnum is an incredible story-teller, and through this, he invites readers into his fears to show us that we are not alone. By mixing real-life stories with scriptural truth, this book will help you understand why God’s Word is so important when battling fear. Real Courage will inspire you to wrestle with your fears, and with God, in order to give you the courage to stand filled with faith.

—Mark O. Wilson, author of Purple Fish (WPH)


Thaddeus Barnum has written one of the most honest, vulnerable books about grappling with fear I have ever read. He acknowledges the power fear wields to distort the truth, especially for leaders in the church, and through illuminating meditations on Scripture, alongside gripping anecdotes from his life, Real Courage invites us into a robust, but never simplistic, faith to handle the day’s most pressing crisis.

—Rev. Dr. John W. Yates, II, Rector of The Falls Church in Falls Church, VA




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